ESWT treatment has been found to be effective for patients who have orthopedic pain in any part of the body. This clinically proven treatment can get you moving pain-free and back to your favorite hobbies.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORTHOWave?

ORTHOWave is a type of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) that uses focused, pulsatile waves to stimulate blood flow to the injured/applied area. ESWT is a safe and non-invasive procedure that has been used successfully for a variety of Orthopedic health conditions.

How does it work?

ESWT promotes tissue regeneration in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and where possible can progressively repair osteoarthritic damage and can significantly lower, or eliminate the pain associated with such injuries.

What are the benefits of ESWT?

When applied to an area, ESWT decreases pain sensitivity and increases blood flow by stimulating new growth of new blood vessels (neovascularization) and growth factors thus enhancing tissue growth and repair. ESWT helps reduce pain (an analgesic effect) in a different way resulting in its success. ESWT is effective in improving joint range of motion and has been proven to be successful in reducing calcific tendonitis. Benefits of this incredible non-invasive treatment include:

  • Over 90% effective for Shoulder Tendinitis
  • Over 82% effective for Plantar Fasciitis (92% for pain reduction)
  • Over 87% effective for Jumper's Knee
  • 85% success rate for treatment of Bone Disorders
  • Drug & Surgery Free
  • No Down Time
  • Simple, In Office Treatment
  • Treatments are expertly tailored to YOU

What orthopedic issues does ORTHOWave treat?

Plantar Fasciitis Achilles Tendinopathy/Tear Heal Pain/Spurs Frozen Shoulder Shoulder Pain Deltoid Release Calcific Tendinopathy Lateral Epicondylitis Knee Pain Knee Osteoarthritis Patellar Tendinopathy Low Back Pain Trochanteric Bursitis/Hip Pain Carpal Tunnel Trigger Finger Pain Hand/Wrist Pain Hamstring Injuries Shin Splints Calf/Gastrocnemius Pain Bunions

How long do treatments last? How many do I need?

ORTHOWave treatments typically last 20 minutes and require no down time. The amount of treatments may vary depending on the extent of the injury. However, pain levels can decrease and healing has been proven to start with the first treatment.

How much do ORTHOWave treatments cost?

Pricing packages depend on the area of treament and the amount of treatments required for you to see the best results. Please contact an ORTHOWave medical team member at 817.701.0700 today to get a free consultation and price breakdown.

Is ORTHOWave covered by insurance?

ORTHOWave does not accept insurance. We are an elite, specialty practice that provides exceptional care and customized treatment protocols. These treatments are cost effective and beneficial to your quality of life, offering you the ability to heal pain-free, avoiding the possiblility of surgical complications or the need for extensive, expensive rehabilitation that can keep you from work and off your feet for extended periods of time.

What ESWT machine do you use?

ORTHOWave uses Storz technology, which has the ability to allow us to tailor your treatment to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on being innovators of this type of therapy - extensively analyzing and treating each patient with care and precision to get the best results.

I'm interested. What's my next step?

You're ready to move on, without pain and with full mobility. Congratulations! We are here to get you there. Please call 817.701.0700 to speak to an ORTHOWave medical team member who will assess your needs and get you scheduled for your exam and first treatment. The added benefit of ORTHOWave treatments? As they are only 20 minutes. you can schedule them on your lunch break. No down time with all the benefits.

Are there clinical studies or articles I can check out?

Of course! We want you to have all the information possible. Here is a full list of articles and clincial studies for more information:


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