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ESWT treatments can be life-changing for patients dealing with the inability to walk, move, and lift objects with ease. At ORTHOWave, we can help you regain your mobility and your freedom.



Knee pain can be caused by various issues including injury to the knee area and knee arthritis. There are three types of knee arthritis: osteoarthritis arthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and Post-traumatic arthritis which develops following an injury to the knee. This can occur after a torn meniscus, ligament injury, or knee fracture. 


ESWT is a non-invasive treatment method that induces tissue regeneration and repair of damaged tissue caused by injury or arthritis of the knee. When compared to conservative physical therapy, ESWT treatment is found to be more successful in providing pain reduction and increasing range of motion.

ESWT is also a preferred method of treatment before considering surgery. If you are having pain complications following knee surgery, ESWT can also help you heal faster and more effectively.

Signs &

  • Pain in the knee joint area

  • Limited range of motion

  • Stiffness of the knee

  • Feeling the knee may "give out"

  • Swelling of the knee 

  • Buckling / locking of the knee 

  • Cracking and popping of the knee

  • Joint deformities

Yoga Class


Injections and surgery can be ineffective, painful, and can have long recovery times. Clinical studies have shown ESWT treatment to be highly effective for knee pain and injury. Our goal is to get you feeling like your old self - walking, running, and standing without pain.

The benefits of this incredible treatment include:

  • Drug & Surgery Free

  • No Down Time

  • Up to 90% Effective

  • Simple, In Office Treatment

  • Treatments are expertly tailored to YOU


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a proven, non-invasive treatment that promotes tissue regeneration for muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves. By focusing shockwaves repeatedly on a specific area, ORTHOWave uses acoustic energy to stimulate deep tissue repair. The results can include healing of orthopedic issues and pain reduction/and or elimination of pain associated with the injury. ESWT treatment has the ability to greatly decrease pain while increasing mobility and quality of life.

Clinical Studies

The effectiveness of ESWT treatment have been acknowledged in over 100 clinical studies. Click below for more information on how this treatment can help you:

Ready to take the next pain-free step?

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"I had two surgeries on my left knee and was in tremendous pain. I had an 8 resting pain on a scale of 0-10. I was unable to exercise because of the knee pain. By the 6th ORTHOWave treatment I could get up and actually run on the treadmill! After ORTHOWave, my left knee now has 0% pain!

Ray, ORTHOWave Patient

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment


ESWT was found to be more effective than physical therapy and can be an effective solution to knee pain and injury.


Living with knee pain can be debilitating. Surgery and shots can be painful with long periods of recovery.

Clinically Proven

ESWT Treatment is clinically proven to treat Orthopedic injuries, but also avoids the risk and downtime of surgery.


At ORTHOWave, we create a focused treatment program just for you to ensure you see the best results.


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